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Q5 - What Did We See and Learn | PPCChat Roundup EP236

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Happy New Year! Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the #PPCChat roundup, our first roundup of 2023. In today's episode, we have the awesome Julie, bringing us back from our holidays with a great chat about Q5 - What did we see and learn? If you listened to a couple of episodes back, one of our last episodes of 2022 - we talked about that last week, in between December 25th and January 1st. What you do in terms of advertising where people have opened up their presents, are thinking of exchanging it, or people have gotten gift cards or money for Christmas and how to best target them to ensure that your products get sold.

It's very much a retail heavy period of time where brands are thinking that the year's not out in terms of activity and where there could be opportunity for spend and um, return on investment. So we talk about if people did any activity during that time, what they saw and what they plan on using the data for in terms of learnings for the current quarter that we've moved into, or for next year's Q5.

Listen to the experts share their Q5 learnings with you:

Q1 We talked about strategies for Q5 back in late November, but I will ask again - are you familiar with the term “Q5”?

Q2 Did you do anything special for Q5 2022 (defined as the period from Dec 25 to Dec 31)?

Q3 Is the Q5 time typically a busy time for the brands you work with? And in what industry/industries are you working?

Q4 Did you see or learn anything in Q5 2022 that was interesting and/or unexpected?

Q5 Are any Q5 2022 strategies being carried into Q1 2023? If so why and if not, why not?

Q6 What’s coming up for your brands in early 2023? Anything new you’re planning to test or hoping you get the chance to test?

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The speakers AND topics of the next PPC Live UK events have been announced!

Maddie Crawford is going to be talking about The Ad Copy You Think Matters vs. The Ad Copy Your Audience Cares About

Azeem Ahmad will be sharing actionable tips on Proving the value of PPC in your overall marketing strategy

Tiffany Shears who according to her team is the tracking Yoda will be showing us how to be a GTM pro.

And last but by no means least Sophie Logan will wake us up to the golden nuggets there are to be found with the Microsoft Audience Network


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