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PPC Metrics in 2022 | EP220 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie taken us on another great topic, talking about what metrics matter in PPC in 2022, another great topic because our marketing life is all about metrics. Whether you work in paid search or SEO or email marketing or display, programmatics, social. All this these channels they are always going to be talking about, clicks, CTR, return on ad spends, and these days Opti score (Google help me!).

So we're gonna be talking, what are really the ones that things have evolved over time as to what has been considered important at the beginning was definitely about traffic, because of there was not much competition.

Now it's all about the quality, but then quality score might not be the way you want go/focus on. Anyway, we talk about what metrics you should be focusing on and what clients focus on that might not be as important as we should be.

And unapologetically, I'm going to do an unashamed plug about PPC live UK.

One of the speakers, Veronica RuMor is going be talking about what it really means to be data driven and how what clients think are the right metrics is actually different from what the agency that is doing their advertising thinks are the right metrics to focus on. And there is usually disparity between that.

Go to Eventbrite and get tickets for that and hear more about how to make sure you are in line with what the metrics should be focused on and actually matches with business needs. But anyway, today we're gonna be talking about metrics that matter in PPC in 2022.

Listen to the experts giving the top tips on what the most important PPC metrics are in 2022:

The questions we covered were:

Q1 What are the metrics that you think are most important in managing and evaluating PPC in 2022?

Q2 Have the metrics that you track and/or rely on changed in the past 2 years? If so, how?

Q3 What metrics do clients or stakeholders care about or ask about the most?

Q4 What is the most overrated PPC metric, in your opinion, in 2022?

Q5 What is the most underrated PPC metric, in your opinion, in 2022?

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