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How Best To Use Data in PPC with Sonika Chandra | EP194 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Today we have a fantastic guest host as well. We are joined by Sonika Chandra. She has been part of the community for a long while now. I remember seeing her name from as early as last year. She's from Philadelphia - lots of Americans in our community, I love them!

In today's episode, we are talking about how to best use data in PPC. As you know, if you've been in Paid search for even just a little bit of time, you'll know it's all about data. Measuring impressions, clicks, click-through rate, CPC, costs, our CPL. All our acronyms, I'll say 90% of them is all based on the data. So we talk about that, how we use it properly, how we are supposed to focus on it, and how to talk to our clients about it.

Listen to this episode on how best to use data in PPC:

The questions we went through were:

Q1 What role does reporting and PPC data play in how you do your job? Are you working with data daily, weekly, monthly?

Q2 What metrics do you find most useful to regularly report on? Did you decide on the metrics and/or were they requested by clients or stakeholders?

Q3 How frequently are you using this data to make optimizations?

Q4 Do you use any PPC Data to inform ad copy or other creative asset development? If yes, what are you doing? If not, why not?

Q5 Do you use any PPC Data to inform marketing budget distribution? What data points do you use for this?

Q6 Are you using any PPC Data to influence other digital marketing channels? Ex. SEO, Email marketing, content development?

Q7 Do you have a favourite data point that you think gives you special insight into something? How did you come to use it?

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