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Platform Layoff & PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP239

Hello and a warm welcome to this week's episode of the #PPCChat roundup. In today's episode, we have Julie taken us on a topic of Platform Layoffs and ppp C, how to navigate the bumpy Road. So this is basically based off of, if you've not heard and been hiding onto a rock for the past week or so, the news that both Google and Microsoft announced tens of thousands of layoffs. Google had 10,000, Microsoft announced 12,000 layoffs.

It's such a shame, such a sad time for thousands of people. Even though, as Robert Brady mentioned in the chat, based on, you know, the amount of people those companies employed, for them, it's like a tiny percentage of people they're losing so that's why the focus is on every single individual.

It might be a tiny percentage for the big platform giant, but it is a big part of an individual's life. It's a big part of 22,000 people's lives in terms of they don't have their form of income anymore and one thing that really shocked me was the fact that some people got fired by finding out that they just couldn't log into their system anymore. The lack of kindness in that was quite shocking.

So we talk about how to prepare for that in a way, not necessarily from a point of view of how to prepare to be laid off, but how you prepare clients for the fact that a big platform might have less people, might have less resources, and how to chat to clients to be prepared and to be aware of things that could affect them.

Listen to the experts give advice on how to handle platforms having major layoffs:

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