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The Moving Goal Posts of Google Ads in 2024 | PPCChat Roundup EP285

Listen here to the Q&A discussion we had with Brie Anderson":

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini taking us on a very great ,but this time, very timely topics. So recently we've been talking about new metrics that we're seeing in Google ads. The one that comes to mind is the prominence metric that it was Greg Finn's Twitter profile, who I saw this from, and he was talking about what prominence is about, and I'll be going into more about that later on.

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We're just talking about what that means about what Google is planning for the future. Do we understand these metrics? Does it mean something for what they're planning on bringing on or sunsetting altogether in the future? And what is our standpoint on how things are just ever changing and the moving points of what good performance is.

So the actual title of our podcast today is The moving goalposts of Google ads in 2024, because it looks like that is going to change even more than we've been seeing last year.

Even though that I feel like this year, it's been a little bit slow, not as many changes by this time of the year, like we had in 2023, but still major changes coming up this year. So we're going to talk a bit about that today.

Questions covered: Q1 Have you read the new metric definitions from Google Ads? What are your thoughts?

Q2 Do you think these changes in definitions are paving the way for anything in particular or is this just Google being Google?

Q3 Now that you have seen the warning that seems to say that ad strength might impact your ads ability to serve, and Ginny’s response saying nothing has actually changed, what are your thoughts or concerns on this front?

Q4 How/do you think  goal posts are being moved relative to Google Ads right now in your opinion and experience? And what, if anything, would you love to see changed on that front?

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