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GA4 Q&A with Brie Anderson | PPCChat Roundup EP284

Updated: Apr 9

Listen here to the Q&A discussion we had with Brie Anderson":

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini taking us on a very great topic, and not only a great topic, but taking us on a great topic with a great co-lead. Today we've got the amazing Brianna Anderson who's going to be talking to us about GA4 - and not just talking to us about GA4 more like answering all our questions about GA4.

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We go through how we characterize our working relationship with GA4, talking about recent changes that have been happening and just general , pressing questions that we've had off the top of our head.

We've got people talking about registering some default event parameters as custom dimensions in GA4 and whether that's the way to do it, or whether there's a better way and then effective ways of GA4 to differentiate between Google paid search ads and display ads and much more.

Brianna debunks some myths and help us with our biggest frustrations.

Questions covered: Q1 How would you characterize your working relationship with Google Analytics 4?

Q2 Let’s talk about the recent changes in Google Analytics 4 that are designed to address discrepancies between Google Ads & GA4.

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