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Handling Being Micromanaged in PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP292

Updated: 4 days ago

Listen here to the discussion on how to manage being miromanaged:

In today's episode we have Julie leading us great overall needed topic: handling being micromanaged in PPC.

Being mivromanaged

It's definitely not something that anyone who has experienced it finds fun. So we share our horror stories, how we manage to get out of it but even more importantly how we look out for it in a potential employer or client. Here the the very useful advice given by our #PPCChat experts.

Questions covered: Q1 Have you ever been micromanaged in your PPC work? If so, who was micromanaging you?

Q2 What are the most annoying or frustrating ways in which you’ve been micromanaged in your PPC work?

Q3 Do you have anything in your prospecting process that helps you screen for potential micromanagers?

Q4 How do you handle or manage it when you’re being micromanaged in your PPC work?


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