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What to Expect from Google Ads in 2022 | EP188 PPCChatRoundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

If this is you first time tuning in we talk about the going ons in the Paid Media World. Last week (WC 09/01/2022), Google themselves had a "Welcome to 2022" presentation. Did you catch it? I unfortunately didn't catch but Julie brilliantly did a live tweet of the presenation.

And there were come very interestingf recommentations on how to do things ads wise, Search Query analysis analysis, match typing. etc.

Listen to this podcast episode on the things to expect from Google Ads:

Questions covered:

Q1 Did you watch any of the “Welcome to 2022” presentation from Google Ads? If so, what are your general thoughts and reactions to what was shared?

Q2 Google Ads clearly wants advertisers to “simplify” their account structures by using broad match + smart bidding + RSA and including DSA (dynamic search ads) in ad groups. What are your thoughts and/or experiences with this suggested method of organising accounts?

Q3 How often do you check your SQRs (search query reports)? Google Ads suggested checking them EVERY SIX MONTHS for their new simplified account structure…

Q4 Another recommendation was to only have 1 RSA (responsive search ad) per ad group (and no ETA or expanded text ads). Thoughts? Experience with doing this if you have?

Q5 Enhanced conversions will be a big push in 2022. Have you used them yet? What are your thoughts on them?

Q6 What has your experience been with broad match lately?

Q7 What are your biggest questions about Google Ads in 2022? What would you like more clear guidance on?

This episode of the #PPCChat Roundup is sponsored by Opteo - a complete toolkit for Google ads managers.

And right now on the link above, you can check outa a 60 day free trial before you buy it before you put any money through - credit card details, not needed. So check them out. They're great at suggesting improvements that can be pushed live in your Google ads account, creating reports & alerts for you, and even your reports can be, be put in a way you can edit and customize it in a way that is very close to the brand or the client that you're working on.

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