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MER vs ROAS with Etgar Shpivak (CEO & Top 25 PPCer '21) | EP183 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Today Julie leads us on the topic of MER vs ROAS. She was also joined by an expert on the topic, his name isWilliam Harris. A new name but we love a new name as there are so many experts in this field.

But not only is Julie joined by a co-host, but I am also joined by a special guest on this episode. His name is Etgar. He is one of my fellow Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts as voted for by you, our wonderful listeners and supporters of our jounrey so far. Etgar welcome!


Hi Anu, and first of all, congrats on being on this amazing list among influencers. And I'm very humble to be on this list as well. So my name is Etgar Shpivak coming from Israel. I co-founded Fixel, which is an AI machine learning solution to identify user engagement. The company last year was acquired by Logic, public company in the US. Now we building an amazing DSP and that already are making amazing results and have the privilege to be at this PPC hero list for 20 and 21.

I wrote, with my partner, a best seller book in Hebrew - Marketing in the Digital Era. I managed millions of dollars larger accounts. I have hands-on trained thousands of PPC marketers, and I'm also a tech mentor at Techstars. We were an alumni in Fixel and now I'm humbled to be a mentor and this incredible and entrepreneurship program.

And I think that in the recent years, in Fixel, we not only work to sell the product, but to honestly be the trusted advisor for a huge variety of marketers from B2B, a lot of B2C e-commerce, focus mainly on performance. And I work with advertisers from small ones that spends tens of thousands of dollars up until advertisers that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

So I'm lucky to see what really happened, a bit beyond and those amazing pitches and those amazing promises.


Great to see the many years of experience and to hear of the book you published in Hebrew. You hear of many books that have been written in English and for the English market. And we forget that they are some local markets, non English speaking professionals in the field that also hunger to know about paid search and known about marketing and how to do it better.

Is it going to be translated to English?


It's actually something we strongly consider for the next version. I really, really hope it will be during 2022. I don't want to promise much more work than writing a blog post. It was an amazing journey. We did three versions in Hebrew and we definitely strongly consider having this one also in English.

Listen to the podcast episode on the Media Efficiency Ration vs Return on Ad Spend:

We then delved into the questions of the chat:

Q1 Are you at all familiar with the term MER (Media Efficiency Ratio)?

Q2 Are you currently tracking MER and/or ROAS in your accounts? Why are you using the method you’re using?

Q3 Is MER something you are interested in using in your accounts? Why or why not?

Q4 Is ROAS becoming more difficult to track in accounts since attribution has gotten murkier with iOS 14.5/Apple’s ATT? If you're finding this so, how are you handling this?

Q5 What are your biggest challenges when it comes to tracking and/or reporting on things like ROAS or MER in your accounts?

Q6 How do you think we need to be thinking and talking about attribution and success metrics in the future? How might MER factor into this for you?

Q7 Which ad platforms have you noticed being the most affected by tracking and/or attribution issues?

Q8 If you’re using MER, how are you tracking effectiveness across multiple platforms?

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