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BFCM - How Did It Go? | EP182 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Julie leads us on a very interesting and timley topic right now Black Friday/Cyber Monday - How did it go? Yesterday was the last day of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, with everyone giving out sales for Thanksgiving time (US) as is now done. Before it used to be just one day - the Friday right after Thanksgiving, because that's what the Americans like doing the day after Thanksgiving - going shopping. But now, as the years go on-on, lots of the sales start a lot earlier than the Friday. I saw somewhere a brand starting their Black friday sales as early as October. So it is much more than a day/week these days.

We are talking about how that went for Paid Search accounts. I know for my clients we did do some Paid Search Black Friday specific ad copy and sitelinks and that did really well for our clients. We will now chat with some of our other experts here as to how it went from both a PPC and consumer point of view because we are not just maerketers, we are people who are avid online shoppers as well (looking at myself in the mirror here! :D).

Listen to the podcast episode on Blakc friday and Cyber Monday 2021 and how it went:

The questions we covered were:

Q1 Were you running any Black Friday (BF) or Cyber Monday (CM) specific campaigns this year? If so, on which platforms?

Q2 How did your BF and CM campaigns do this year? How does this compare to last year’s performance?

Q3 Did any one platform significantly over or under perform for you? Any thoughts as to why?

Q4 As a consumer, what was your impression of the BF and CM sales offers this year?

Q5 If you are not running e-comm accounts, did you notice any changes in your accounts during this period (such as higher CPCs, impression changes, conversion rate changes, etc.)?

Q6 For non e-comm accounts - did you pause your ads? If so, on all platforms or just some?

Q7 Do you have anything planned for December to try to keep sales flowing? Have there been any disruptions that you’re dealing with?

Q8 Anything weird you ran into that you’d like to get an opinion on from the PPC community?

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