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The Future of PPC | EP178 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We are led by the amazing Julie Bacchini taking us on a great conversation talking about the future of PPC especially off the back of Facebook's news. They are still going to be known as Facebook but they have a new name - a new parenting company name called Meta.

Listen to the podcast episode where we talk about the future of PPC:

The questions we covered are:

Q1: Did you see and/or read about Facebook’s big “we are now Meta and the metaverse is where it will be at” announcements last week? Thoughts/reactions?

Q2: What do you think the future of paid search ads will look like?

Q3: What do you think the future of paid social ads will look like?

Q4: Is there an ad type that you think will become a big deal in the future that is not very well known or used right now?

Q5: What are you most concerned about for the future of PPC?

Q6: What are you most excited about for the future of PPC?

Q7: Bold prediction time! Share your most bold or wild future of PPC prediction.

I am excited to announce that for the first time ever the #PPCChat Roundup podcast is sponsored by Opteo - an amazing an smart way to manage you Google Ads account. They pull in your account data, once you give them access, and they make smart recommendations that improve Google Ads performance so it allows you to spend less time buried in performance data and more time doing meaningful work like looking at overall strategy. So it's a way of automation - but not Google automation, it's smart automation and that's the way I like it. Think Scripts 2.0 where they use their APi to give amazing alerst but also ways to improve your performance based on your goals and also allows you to create reports that can be customised to your client's branding.

Join several brands that have enjoyed the amazing Opteo tool - such as Spotify, Deliveroo, Selfridges just to name a few so check them out.

For a 60 day, free trial of their Google Ads automation tool go to this link.

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

Join us on our #PPCChat Roundup podcast, LinkedIn group, we would love to have you there. Send a request - the more the merrier.

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