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Wrangling Google Ads Performance Max | PPCChat Roundup EP245

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie been joined by another awesome member of our community, Menachem Ani, and he has positioned himself brilliantly as an expert on Performance Max releasing articles on Search Engine Land, especially about the updates, the way to use it, things that you should watch out for ways to add negative to a performance max campaign and more.

So unsurprisingly, today's topic is going to be about wrangling Google Ads Performance Max. Now, when I saw that title, I thought to myself, mm, if we have to identify it as Google Ads Performance Max, does that mean there'll be a Bing Performance Max? Will there be possibly a TikTok Performance Max type of campaign?

Cuz yeah, TikTok are going to be joining the paid search corner of advertising. So yeah, that's very interesting. But let's not tangent off too much today. We're gonna be talking about wrangling Google Ads performance Max. Hope you enjoy.

Questions covered:

Q1 Are you currently running Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads? If so, for how long and for what industry or product?

Q2 How would you characterize your experience with Performance Max for the accounts you manage thus far?

Q3 Have you tried Performance Max for e-commerce and/or lead generation? Did you find it performed differently between e-comm and lead gen? If so, how?

Q4 What is your biggest challenge when either setting up or managing Performance Max campaigns?

Q5 How long do you wait to judge the performance of your Performance Max campaigns? If they are not performing well, what actions do you take to try to improve performance?

Q6 What questions do you have for @MenachemAni about Performance Max?

Q6.1 Any thoughts on how/if it's worth trying to get P-Max to work for a heavily regulated industry with strict compliance guidelines?

Q6.2 What’s your opinion on negativizing brand keywords from PMax? Is there a case in which you wouldn’t recommend it?

Q6.3 Scaling is a big issue for PMax. I saw a great post from @PPCKirk earlier today (the “ghostbusters” one) which is sort of what we do with high/mid/low converting structures. Any ideas on scaling, especially for mid-size to larger accounts ($100k-250k/mo or more?)

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