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When Platforms Meltdown | PPCChat Roundup EP251

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on the helm of a great talk of topic - When Platforms meltdown. Julie will be leading us in this important topic because over the weekend, Facebook had a meltdown. There was a Facebook situation where it stopped serving a lot of ads however it seems like it was still charging advertisers' ads - therefore some overspending.

Platform melt down

And Google Ads did also have an issue today in terms of there been several errors being reported that was being seen across the community landscape.

So we talk about what do you do when platofrm issues happen, how do you communicate with clients, how soon do you communicate with cleints, how to ward off the panic that you might be feeling inside and things to learn for next time - e.g could you put some safeguards in place to ensure you are alert on exactly when an issue has happened etc.

Listen here to people's advice on what to do when a platform meltsdown:

Questions asked:

Q1 Were you impacted by the Facebook platform meltdown over the weekend? If so, how did you respond?

Q2 We talked about this somewhat recently, but what, if anything, do you have in place to alert you of major issues in your accounts?

Q3 When you become aware of a major platform issue or malfunction, what are the first steps you take?

Q4 In the event of a platform issue, how proactive are you in communicating with your clients or stakeholders? At what point(s) in the process do you communicate with them?

Q5 In a case like the Facebook issue over the weekend, how do you handle unexpected and/or significant overspend in your accounts?

Q6 Have you successfully gotten a refund or credit for any of your accounts when there has been a major platform issue? Was the refund sufficient in your opinion? How were you able to achieve that?

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