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What we are thankful for in PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP231

In today's episode in honor of Thanksgiving Week, which is happening tomorrow by the time that you'll be listening to this - we decided to have a chat on what we are thankful for in PPC. I know we are famous for having lots of rants about, different platforms, different updates, tech issues etc.

But I think it's a great time of the year, Thanksgiving week and Christmas coming up, to say what we are thankful for. So Julia has led us in a fantastic chat for us to be more positive. So if you've tuned in for the rants and the very animated responses to what's going on in in the industry, I'm sorry you'll be disappointed this time. But if you're here for a nice, warm and fuzzy episode as to what is going well in our lives, then sit back and enjoy.

Listen to the experts share what we are thankful about in PPC:

Q1 While we do our fair share of complaining and venting, we are not all negative! What are you thankful for in PPC in general?

Q2 What within or about any of the platforms are you thankful for?

Q3 What are you thankful for with regard to the clients or stakeholders you work with?

Q4 What PPC resources are you thankful for?

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