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What to do When Ad Performance Is Struggling | PPCChat Roundup EP249

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on the helm of a great talk of topic, What to do when ad performance is struggling. Quite a number of members of the community have been seeing this across the board - e.g. CPCs shooting up, different campaign type not doing well.

Testing Broad Match

Is it because other campaigns types (looking at PMax) are being prioritised. We come together to see if there is something we can shed today, a pattern we can see amongst all of us so we can make sense of what is happening in our accounts. So listen out for the issues that are shared in the hopes that i also helps to make more sense of the issues that you are facing in your accounts.

Listen here to the issues that people have shared that they are seeing and what they are trying to do:

Questions asked:

Q1 Have you been experiencing any performance dips for the accounts you manage in the last few months? If so, on which platform(s)? And for what industry(ies)?

Q2 What, if anything, do you have in place to alert you to performance changes? Does it vary by platform?

Q3 When you find performance struggling, what are the first things you check? Does it vary by platform?

Q4 How do you explain performance dips to your clients or stakeholders? Is there language you tend to use that makes it easier for them to understand and/or not freak out?

Q5 If you can’t find anything specific that explains the performance weakening, what do you do?

Q6 Is there a particular performance scenario that is vexing you right now? Let’s help each other out!

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