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What's On Your Mind in PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP240

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie having a bit of a free for all in terms of asking us what's on our mind in PPC. So literally that was the topic because she couldn't decide on the specific PPC topic. There was no news that really rocked the paid search world in the past seven days, which we weren't short of in January.

So thankful for that, definitely! So yeah, this week Julie just takes us on a topic of what's on your mind in ppc, where we just talk about what we are doing in terms of client side. In terms of agencies, in terms of landing pages, the tech world in general and a lot of things are talked about in terms of automation as well.

I saw a lot of comments about performance max, so we are gonna talk about several different topics, so hope you enjoy!

Listen to the experts share what's on their mind in PPC -

Questions covered:

Q1 What is on your mind this week in PPC?

Q2 What have your clients or stakeholders been asking you about this month?

Q3 Is there something you need help with or help to figure out? Let’s help each other solve some problems!

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No brainer for me as I proudly note on my LinkedIn profile that "I want to see women win"!

So join us on the 30th of March, cheering on our fab female speakers - Agnes Bungsy, Ito Giwa-Osagie and Raluca Radu!

It's going to be another lit PPC party, and this time we'll be serving some delicious food other than pizza sourced from some fabulous women.

To avoid any confusion - men and women are most welcome to this fabulous event!!

If you want to sponsor, my DMs are open; otherwise, go get your early bird ticket for our next PPC Live UK (PLU)! 🥳


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