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What's on our mind in PPC | EP214 PPCChat Roundup

Hello and a hot welcome, should I say, especially being here in the UK where we had 40 degrees Celsius weather today! In today's episode, we have Julie who didn't decide on one particular topic, , so decided to give us a topic about asking what's on our mind.

This week I wish I was able to join live, because what was on my mind is my PPC Live UK event coming up next week Thursday. Can you believe it? We are talking less than 10 days now. I am excited, nervous, can't wait for it to begin, can't wait for it to be over so I can get a lot more sleep. But either way, love to hear about the what's on our expert's minds today.

What they're testing, what they're liking, what they're disliking. I'm sure it's gonna be a good chat. So sit back and enjoy.

Listen to what's on the PPC expert minds this week:

Questions shared:

Q1 What is on your mind in PPC this week?

Q2 Are you using Performance Max? How is it going? What's working? What is driving you nuts?

Q3 Are you feeling anything from clients or stakeholders that indicates nervousness about the economy and recession? If so, from what industry(s)?

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