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What is on your mind in PPC this week | PPCChat Roundup EP275

Listen here to the discussion of what's on our mind?:

In today's episode, we have the awesome Julie coming back with us - talking about what's on our mind for PPC this week. So what are we chatting about? What are we thinking about?

What are we working on? What's our plans for this year?

Platform melt down

We're talking about all the different ways that we're hoping to get our performances back on track post Christmas and to ensure that we're ready for any Google updates. This week we talked about different things around performance max, third party cookie, thoughts on Google ads support that we might need from Google and other platforms, clients and stakeholders, what they're thinking of as well.

Listen to all our thoughts. I hope it matches some of your thoughts. If it doesn't, please join the PPC Chat slack group. Give us your thoughts about what's happening and what's on your mind this week so that we can really help you to ensure that you're the best PPC or you can be.

Questions covered: Q1 What is on your mind in PPC this week?

Q2 Performance Max - strategies and will it be the one campaign to rule them all thread. Discuss.

Q3 Getting the support you need from Google Ads and other platforms. Discuss.

Q4 What are clients or stakeholders asking you about the most right now?

Q5 Where do you all think we are in the pendulum swing between companies wanting to outsource PPC (agencies & freelancers) to companies wanting to pay salaries (go in-house) instead?

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