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Vetting Potential Clients | PPCChat Roundup EP279

Listen here to the discussion of properly vetting a potential client:

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini taking us on a very great topic, especially for freelancers and consultants, or if you're a small business starting out trying to build clients, we're talking about vetting potential clients.

PPC Freelancing

So if you're starting off as a freelancer or you've just started your new agency it's really important not to just feel the anxiety of - "okay, I need a client, I need money coming through - so let's just take any clients in". It's really important to vet because even though you might get the money in, if you don't vet properly, you will lose a lot in terms of anxiety and in terms of peace of mind.

We talk about how we do that, the ways that we do that specific questions that we ask, red flags that we, we look out for, and you know, the signs of a good client, especially because that's what you want to look for. The signs that a client is going to be good to work with.

Questions covered: Q1 Do you have a process for vetting potential clients?

Q2 Do you have specific questions you ask potential clients when talking about working together? If so, do you do it via intake form, discovery call, etc.? What do you always ask about?

Q3 What are red flags to you when interacting with a potential client? Which are deal breakers?

Q4 What are the signs of a good potential client to you?

Q5 Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then when it comes to vetting potential clients? Let’s share our hard-earned wisdom!

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