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Trust in Ad Platforms | PPCChat Roundup EP289

Listen here to the discussion how to maximise the post click experience:

In today's episode we have Julie leading us on a very interesting topic, a topic that gets a lot of PPC chatters going, no matter the time or day or hemisphere in the world that we're in, we talk about trust in ad platforms because. That has really been wavering much more so recently, especially with all the, antitrust lawsuits with all the, Google admitting that the increasing CPCs, to the support level being, very subpar considering we're only getting salespeople saying, telling us which new tools we should start using.

Maximising Post Click Experience

We talk about all of that and we just really have a, very much a mental health support team.

Group session talking about all our, some of our issues, our latest issues, and also even talking about some issues that are not issues that people just seem to be complaining about.

Questions covered: Q1: Have you heard about Google Ads moving a set of advertisers off of credit card billing? If so, what are your thoughts on this?

Q2: How is your overall trust in ad platforms these days? What influences your trust in an ad platform?

Q3: Which platforms do you find most and least trustworthy and why?

Q4. What could ad platforms do to regain and/or build more trust with advertisers and PPC pros in your opinion?

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