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Things I wish I Knew When I Started in PPC | EP216 PPCChat Roundup

Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of the PPCChat Roundup. In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on another, you guested it, fantastic topic on - things I wish I knew when I started in PPC. Now for this chat we got through more than three questions - we did four whole questions! :D We chatted about things we wish we knew about when we started our career regarding the industry, paid search, paid social and more.

Loads of fantastic and interesting discussions happened. I'm sure what Julie does is that depending on how much the answers are rolling in - that's how she decides whether to add more questions or not.

So four questions means loads of opinions shared from the three to four questions that we're given today. Hope you enjoy the rivetting opinions.

Listen to what our experts wish the knew when they started their career in PPC

Questions discussed:

Q1 How long have you been working in PPC? And how did you get into the field initially?

Q2 What is something about PPC in general that you know now that you wished you knew a lot sooner? We will get to more specific questions after this one, so keep your answers about the industry or something general to PPC here

Q3 What is something about paid search that you know now that you wished you knew a lot sooner?

Q4 What is something about paid social that you know now that you wished you knew a lot sooner?

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