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The Value of PPC in 2022 | EP212 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Today, we have Julie leading us on another great topic, talking about the value of PPC in 2022, which is a topic that was suggested by Tim Halloran. And yeah, I think that this is a great topic to talk about right now, because what the value is of PPC has changed for individuals, for brands, for agencies, for clients, for tech companies, for everybody.

So we discuss how that has evolved as a lot of us in the industry who have been around for quite a while. I've been here for, over 10 years, close to 13 years now, Julie has been around for 23 years and she celebrated her anniversary of NeptuneMoon, last week.

We've seen loads of different changes, over time so right now we are gonna talk about how that has evolved over time.

Listen to the experts opinions on how the value of PPC has evolved over time:

Here are the questions we discussed:

Q1 How do you position your value/offer during new business calls or meetings to discuss potential new PPC initiatives? How are you positioning the value of PPC?

Q2 How do you think the value (perceived and/or real) of PPC has shifted over the past few years to clients or stakeholders?

Q3 Has the value (perceived and/or real) of PPC shifted over the past few years to YOU as a PPC professional?

Q4 Have you found it harder or easier to sell your value as a PPC professional lately?

Q5 What is your biggest frustration or thing you wish clients/stakeholders understood about today’s PPC?

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