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The Future of Search & PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP253

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on a very timely topic - The Future of Search & PPC. I say it's very timely bevause recently Google released an interview that I did amongst some other great experts in the PPC field. It was a great chat about what we thinkg about AI, Search and the future of it and my favourite soundbite was when I said that we now need to be out clients' private investigators.

Platform melt down

And I talk about how it's reallt the strategists that are going tog et a lot more busy than any other levels. The juniors who do the reporting, bid changes, those kind of roles - they aren't going to be around for too much longer (in the companies where they are actually still around).

So we also have the community talking about what we think that future looks like.

Listen here to people's thoughts and advice on the future of Search and PPC:

Q1 Have you spent any time thinking about or pondering the future of search and/or PPC? Or are you too busy dealing with the today & right now?

Q2 Where do you think search is headed? There has been so much talk about AI and search (with more to come with Google’s I/O happening tomorrow) - what are your thoughts or predictions?

Q3 Where do you think PPC, in general is headed? What is contributing to your opinions on this topic currently?

Q4 What are you most excited or intrigued about when you think about or read about the future of search and/or PPC?

Q5 What are your biggest concerns about where search and/or PPC might be headed? And do you think there is anything that we could do about those concerns?

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