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Testing the New Broad Match in Google Ads | PPCChat Roundup EP248

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on the helm of a great talk of topic, Testing the New Broad Match in Google Ads - an area that Google has really been gearing us to test more of. She is also joined by Ginny Marvin (aka @adsliaison) - Google's Ads Liaison.

Testing Broad Match

We discussed about testing broad match, how its been done, whether it is being tested, whether they trust it or not and more.

So let hear the advice given on testing new broad match in Google Ads.

Questions asked:

Q1 Are you currently running any campaigns in Google Ads that are utilizing broad match? Are you exclusively using broad match? Are you using it with smart bidding?

Q2 If you are not currently using or testing broad match in Google Ads, why are you not using it?

Q3 What strategies have you found that work well when using or testing broad match in Google Ads?

Q4 If you’re using or testing broad match in Google Ads, what have your biggest challenges or frustrations been?

Q5 What questions do you have for @adsliaison about using or testing broad match in Google Ads in 2023?

Q5.1 We feel like this when we try to figure out the paths a query can take in Semantic (Broad) search. PMax, Search, DSA. Is there a good framework we can use to understand where a query flows?

Q5.2 I am very happy with where Broad is going, but as I’m sure you know many folks want more search term report coverage. Do you think there’s any chance of that?

Q5.3 not about BM sorry but can Ginny get GAds to highlight which of the 15 headlines and 4 description lines have disapproved an RSA please? At the moment you have to guess which of the 19 possibilities has caused the disapproval or speak to GAds support.

Q5.4 Thanks for everything @adsliaison! What’s a hotter topic for you right now, Performance Max or Broad match? Which of these changes do you feel the community prefers?

Q5.5 There are a lot of times when the recommended optimizations in Google recommends trying broad match as a test. Is there a threshold of data that it gathers before recommending that or is it just doing that by default? No shade, only curious!

Q5.6 Well @adsliaison when is exact and phrase going to just go away? I’m guessing you don’t know ir can’t say but when given the chance to ask…

Q5.7 Thank you for all you do! 1. Do restricted industries that get flagged for using audiences normally miss out on the audience piece of broad match? 2. Can broad keywords recover faster from being paused than phrase/exact? 3. Which is better: broad or DSA?

Q5.8 For fresh accounts with no data and less search volume KW, what are the bids you would suggest, and with what match type? Especially in the phase of finding the first few conversions.

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