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Telling Clients Hard Truths | PPCChat Roundup EP281

Listen here to the discussion of how the PPC community would like to reimagine PPC:

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini taking us on a very great topic, talking about telling clients hard truths. So we talk about whether we find it uncomfortable or not to do - whether it's talking about PPC or what's going on in their business, examples of truth that we've found hard to give and whether it was hard for the client to swallow, what tips we have and more.

PPC Freelancing

Now if you've been in this industry for even if it's like a minimum of two years, you would have needed to tell some clients some hard truth because how many times have Google or even Microsoft or any other platform changed something and all of a sudden the thing that you used to do, you can't do anymore, the data you used to see, you can't see anymore, the settings that you used to use very often, you can't use anymore.

So yes, this is a topic that we really should get familiar with and know about and get on top of because it will defnitely be at that part of your brain that you'll need to use a lot

Questions covered: Q1  Do you find it uncomfortable to have to tell clients hard truths about either their PPC or their businesses? And if so why and if not, why not?

Q2 What are some examples of hard truths you have had to tell clients? And how was it received?

Q3 What tips do you have for those who are either inexperienced with this or find it really uncomfortable?

Q4  Is there anything you do proactively to help avoid getting into hard truth situations with clients?

Q5  Have you ever had a client tell you a hard truth?

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