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Targeting Ads in Today’s Ever Changing Environment | PPCChat Roundup EP252

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on a great talk topic - Targeting Ads in Today’s Ever-Changing Environment. We know Google, Facebook, all the other platforms - there is always something changing. I was on holiday the past few weeks so not sure exactly what changes were happening - so I was spared from the impending doom changes news that it sometimes feels like is happening.

Platform melt down

New things in TikTok and new targeting ways in Twitter - with Paid Search being my bread and butter this was definitely a learning curve for me as well so I was very excited to recap this one too. I hope you are excited to listen!

Listen here to people's advice on targeting ads on today's ever changing environment:

Q1 How do you decide on the targeting for your PPC advertising?

Q2 Has your process for targeting changed in the last few years? Either how you think about it or how you actually set it up within platforms?

Q3 Are you using “first-party data” in any of your ad targeting? If so, how and on which platform(s)?

Q4 Which platforms have the best targeting options currently, in your opinion, and why?

Q5 What is your biggest ad targeting frustration?

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