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Staying Ahead of the Curve in PPC in 2023 | PPCChat Roundup EP246

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on the helm of a fantastic topic, staying ahead of the curve in PPC in 2023. This is something that is very important to do in our industry with things totally changing every couple of weeks or I'd say a few times a month. So just making sure that you're prepared for changes, making sure that you don't panic when changes happen, making sure you're always prepared for things, that you prepare your accounts for, ways that you prepare your clients or steps that you know that you need to take when the new change happens.

These are the things that we're gonna discuss here now. I wasn't able to to join because I was feeling a bit ill earlier on today. Still not a hundred percent, but feeling much better now. Lots of liquids and vitamin C is keeping me on track. It's really great to, be able to read some of the answers people gave about what they said about how they feel about the industry, how it's evolving, and how they're staying on top of it.

So let hear what the advice, and hopefully you can take on some of that advice to ensure that you are also keeping on top of the PPC industry

Questions asked:

Q1 Do you feel like you are ahead, in the middle or behind the curve in PPC these days? Meaning, do you feel like you’re falling behind, treading water or leading the pack?

Q2 What aspects of PPC do you find most difficult to keep up with these days? What makes it challenging?

Q3 What areas of PPC do you feel like you’re ahead of the pack on? What do you think has allowed you to achieve this?

Q4 Have you done anything in the past year to improve your skills - courses, groups, etc.? If so, please be specific and also, how has this helped you?

Q5 Are you using more or different tools to help you stay ahead of the curve in PPC these days? If so, what has been helping you? Any tools you tried and abandoned?

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