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Reimagining PPC | PPCChat Roundup EP280

Listen here to the discussion of how the PPC community would like to reimagine PPC:

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini taking us on a very great topic, a topic that really got loads of answers, really loads of tongues wagging or not just tongues wagging more like keyboards typing away and loads of people having their opinions on this. We talk about re imagining PPC.

PPC Freelancing

We go over questions like the most impactful changes in the past three years, services that we're currently selling the most often and the most easily (so what's that the services that are easy to actually get our clients on board, services that you're gearing up towards offering that you've not really started doing before), and finally we talk about our biggest worries or concern about working in PPC.

The last one got the most answers. I'm seeing 111 answers that were given, but remember, this is a roundup! :)

I hope you share our concerns. I hope you feel like, again, that you're not alone in this whole, what is PPC going to look like - which should help put your mind at ease and know that this is something that is collectively being thought about, not just you on your own.

Questions covered: Q1 What do you think the most impactful changes have been in the PPC industry over the past 3 years? How have these changes impacted you and how you go about doing PPC?

Q2 What are the services that you currently sell the most often and/or most easily? Has this changed or shifted over the last 3 years?

Q3 Are there services that you are gearing up toward offering or have begun offering more recently? What prompted you to move in that direction? And how has the client reception been to them?

Q4 What are your biggest worries or concerns about working in PPC over the next 10 years?

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