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Red Flags & Problem Clients | PPCChat Roundup EP262

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on watching out for red flags and problem clients:

In today's episode, we have Julie leading us on a talk about red flags and problem clients. Whether you work in an agency or as a freelancer, it is likely you will come across a client that gives you the ick.

Platform melt down

In thid week's Slack chat - we share our top red flags, how we deal with them, common traints we see among red flag clients and more.

Questions covered: Q1 What do you consider to be a red flag when interacting with a potential client?

Q2 How do you handle red flags when they arise?

Q3 What red flag(s) are deal breakers for you and why?

Q4 What traits do you find make a problem client?

Q5 How do you deal with problem clients? And how does it vary based on the nature of the problematic client?

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