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Raising Your Rates - How, When & Why | PPCChat Roundup EP234

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In this episode we've got Julie taking us on another great topic, talking about raising your rates, how, when, and why. Yes, definitely a good topic to talk about coming to the end of the year because a brand new year, beginning of the year, always a good time to really review whether your rates are the right level, whether you are gonna be doing a lot more or you've already been doing a lot more for your clients and what to do to actually improve that and really prove your worth.

I put a tweet of early in the day before I even knew what the chat was going to be about, and it was from this show called The Office.

You've probably heard of it - Steve Carrel's version of it in the US. It's this quote of him saying -

"I was never in this for the money but it turns out that the money was an absolute necessity for me"

And with economic crisis, with the issues covid posed, with a lot of lay-offs that have been happening, it shouldn't come to surprise to anybody that as much as we do love our job jobs most of the time - if it's not paying well, it's not really going to be worth it for us in long term.

So we talk about how we talk about the money issue, how we talk about when we bring it up, you know, how uncomfortable it can be, but more importantly why it's important to do it. And when to know when to walk away and , when to make sure that you are expressing your worth and not backing down.

Listen to the experts give advice on raising rates, how, when and why!

Questions covered:

Q1 Have you ever raised your rates? If so, why? And if not, why not?

Q2 Are you planning on or considering raising your rates for 2023? If so, why? And if not, why not?

Q3 How do you go about raising your rates?

Q4 Are you nervous about raising rates for 2023? If so, why? Will the nervousness stop you from doing it? And if not, why not?

Q5 Have you ever received pushback about raising rates? How did you handle it?

Q6 What is your biggest question about raising rates? Let’s help each other here with sharing experiences.

Link shared:

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