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Programmatic Advertising | PPCChat Roundup EP228

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on the topic of Programmatic Advertising, and she is joined by Mark Poirier as well as, as Hélène Parker - she is also a programmatic ninja out of the group of us. She's got a podcast - The Programmatic Digest Podcast. If you want to learn about programmatic, I really highly recommend that you listen to her podcast.

It was such a shame I didn't join it live because, we had changed clocks. The clock has gone back an hour, last week. So when I thought it was five o'clock, the chat had already happened. So it actually happened at 4:00 PM GMT time but it's so great to be able to do this recap and to hear all the amazing people talking about it. Even if I had joined, I would've been lurking anyway because programmatic is not my forte. So excited to hear all the amazing advice given by the community today.

Questions we covered were:

Q1 What does the term “programmatic advertising” mean to you?

Q2: Are you currently managing any programmatic advertising for your clients or brands? If so, what platform(s) are you using?

Q3 What is your biggest challenge or frustration when it comes to programmatic advertising?

Q4 Questions for Marc Poirier (and Hélène)-

  • What do you see as the best use cases for programmatic for Google advertisers?

  • What are the biggest differences between traditional PPC and programmatic advertising?

  • How to best leverage programmatic in a holistic way to augment existing social, search campaigns? And how to show impact? If GDN is already being used, what is the USP of other platforms that could be a differentiator for insisting on Programmatic?

  • How can smaller advertisers onboard and activate data?

  • If you have to choose platforms for programmatic, what are the factors you would consider for a specific type of business at a specific location selling a specific product assuming that the specific is “X” here and it can change with different scenarios?

  • One Q I had was around embedding the Meta pixel or any other ad channel (LI, TW, etc) as a view-tag in CTV campaigns & RT those CTV view audiences via native social. Never done it but want to. Would that work u think?

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

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Diginius is a London-based SaaS technology company specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. We provide automated technology including advertising management software that monitors, measures and reports results across digital performance, delivering visibility and transparency for all.

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Apart from the amazing speakers, we've lined up and the amazing location of the Shard, the event will be recorded again, there will be pizza and drinks sufficiently catered for everyone, and as it will be Chrismas season there will definitely be Christmas-themed goodies and I will be providing some cool merch as well!!

So what are you waiting for? The countdown is on and you only have 24 days left!!

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