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Preparing for the Shift in PPC - Tracking, Targeting & Attribution | PPCChat Roundup EP257

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on the shift in PPC in regards to Tracking, Targeting and Attribution:

In today's episode, we have Julie bringing us another great topic where we are gonna be talking about Preparing for the shift in PPC tracking, targeting, and attribution. So instead of talking about just one shift that's gonna happen where the, GA4 happening in less than 20 days now, like in a couple of weeks guys, well maybe just over a couple of weeks.

So I hope you guys are, are, are really looking out for that. And there's also gonna be so many changes that's gonna happen in targeting and attribution with automation and machine learning and keywords - we predict that's gonna go away soon.

Platform melt down

There were only four questions, and I know Julie does this when she realizes that the answers, people are just bursting with their answers. I hope you find benefit in hearing what we predict what will be the most effective and the most, industry shifting changes for us and which one we should really be paying attention to the most.

Questions covered:

Q1 Which of the coming announced changes do you think will impact PPC most significantly (or at least your accounts): 1. Diminishing role of keywords, 2. End of 3rd party cookies, 3. Google Analytics 4, 4. Apple’s URL stripping 5. Something else

Q2 Which area do you think is going to least resemble what we have traditionally known it to be in next 18 months: 1. Tracking (tagging), 2. Targeting, 3. Attribution

Q3 How are you planning or preparing for the changes that are coming to search and ad platforms? Are you talking proactively with your clients/stakeholders?

Q4 What is your biggest concern(s) about tracking, targeting and/or attribution now and into 2024?

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