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PPC Myth Busting | PPCChat Roundup EP263

Listen here to our experts give their opinions on PPC myths and how to bust them:

I love this kind of topic because there's a lot of misinformation, whether it's on LinkedIn or Twitter or Quora or Reddit. You see some of these subgroups of people saying how to optimize campaigns and what's working and guaranteeing clients results, even though there's a lot of caveats that needs to be put in place and even how easy it is to do the paid search job. Wrong!

Platform melt down

And I always encourage people, especially in my PPC live UK WhatsApp community, I definitely encourage people to share posts of things that they've heard that just seem outright wrong.

This is so we can discuss together why that does not make sense because it's not, not a matter of just bashing other people's opinions, but it is about a matter of going - this is why that opinion doesn't really work in the paid search sense.

So yes, this is gonna be a very interesting conversation to see to hear about all the different myths that our paid search experts have come across. How they try to debunk those myths, myths with their clients or with different partners that they're working with. And you know, just to help each, every one of us to be prepared for some of the myths that you might come across out there. So yeah, I hope you enjoy.

Questions covered: Q1 What do you think the biggest myth in PPC is right now? Or what myth do you hear about the most?

Q2 How do you combat PPC myths when clients or stakeholders bring them up?

Q3 What myth(s) do you think platforms put out there? Are these myths more difficult to bust?

Q4 If you had to choose one myth you could wipe from existence, what would it be and why?

Links Shared:

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