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PPC Holiday Wish List | PPCChat Roundup EP235

In today's episode, we have Julie taken us on a lovely end of year appropriate topic. We are talking about PPC holiday wishlist. Hopefully your wishlists have been met because we are talking three days before Christmas?

Four days before Christmas? The presents should have been bought and wrapped up, but in terms of paid search, what we're wishing for next year. Maybe, hopefully, we have enough time to send Google and Facebook and TikTok and Quora and all the different platforms our wish list of what we wantfor 2023.

So join us in this chat as we share that with you.

Listen to the experts share their PPC holiday wish list with you:

Questions covered:

Q1 What is your holiday wish for Google Ads?

Q2 What is your holiday wish for Microsoft Ads?

Q3 What is your holiday wish for Facebook Ads?

Q4 What is your holiday wish for LinkedIn Ads?

Q5 What is your holiday wish for Twitter Ads?

Q6 What are your holiday wishes for other ad platforms - TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc.?

Q7 What is your holiday wish for the PPC industry?

Q8 What is your holiday wish for the PPC Chat community?

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The speakers AND topics of the next PPC Live UK events have been announced!

Maddie Crawford is going to be talking about The Ad Copy You Think Matters vs. The Ad Copy Your Audience Cares About

Azeem Ahmad will be sharing actionable tips on Proving the value of PPC in your overall marketing strategy

Tiffany Shears who according to her team is the tracking Yoda will be showing us how to be a GTM pro.

And last but by no means least Sophie Logan will wake us up to the golden nuggets there are to be found with the Microsoft Audience Network


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