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PPC Freelancing & Consulting | PPCChat Roundup EP277

Listen here to the discussion of what it takes to be a PPC freelancer or consultant:

In today's episode, we have the awesome Julie Bacchini taking us on a great topic, one that I have very much experience in. We talk about PPC freelancing and Consulting and I love the way we go through how many years that we've done freelancing for what decisions that we have to make to become a freelancer, the most challenging aspects of it, loads of challenges there. So look out for those answers with that one.

PPC Freelancing

There's been some ups and downs with being a freelancer, like there is with doing in house or being with an agency or being with a tech company.

No situation is perfect. No grass is greener on the other side. It's just about which challenge do you choose? For us that chose the PPC freelancer challenge, we chat about our journey and how it's made us a better PPC marketer.

Questions covered: Q1 Are you currently, or have you ever, worked as a PPC freelancer or consultant? If so, how many years have/did you work in that type of set up?

Q2 How did you make the decision to become a PPC freelancer or consultant? What went into your decision?

Q3 What has been the most challenging aspect of being a PPC freelancer or consultant for you? How did you deal with the challenges? Do you wish you did it differently?

Q4 What do you really like about being a PPC freelancer or consultant?

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