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Post Black Friday Weekend Review | PPCChat Roundup EP271

Listen here to our experts discussing what the saw immediately after the Black Friday weekend :

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on a great topic and timely topic considering what this week last weekend was. It was all about Black Friday and even Cyber Monday this week. So we're going to be talking about the immediate post Black Friday weekend review.

I think it's very important to measure that immediate results, but also results after lag time, after results have actually settled is what I'd call it. So where Google analytics and all your other reporting tools have really clearly shown that the convergence that came through and was able to attribute it as much as possible to the right areas.

Platform melt down

So we're going to talk about that - the performance, the trends that we noticed, any new trends as a consumer even, because as marketed we also notice ad ads that we saw or shopping that we did. So yeah, we're going to discuss what we noticed that was different this year.

Questions covered:

Q1 Did you run any promotions for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday this year? If so, for what types of products or services?

Q2 How were the results of your promotions or sales this year? How did they compare to last year’s BFCM?

Q3 Did you notice any trends this year as a PPCer?

Q4 Did you notice any trends this year as a consumer?

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