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Meta & TikTok Ads - Creative Strategies Needed for Q4 | EP227 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on the topic of Meta and TikTok ads, creative strategies needed for Q4. This is something very different from, our usual chat and at this stage, I think it is important to remember that when we say PPC, we don't just mean paid search as in Google or Microsoft search ads, but we actually mean any paid media channels.

And obviously as we know, , digital advertising has been evolving. There's something that we talked about at PI Live this week where I spoke on about marketing budgets. There are loads of new channels. They're doing loads of new things and doing loads of CPC based marketing. So CPC/PPC can come in all shapes and sizes, not just Google or on Microsoft or Bing, but also on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat. So we are going to be talking spec specifically about Meta and TikTok today.

Questions we covered were:

Q1 Are you currently managing advertising on Meta or TikTok? If so, for what industry or industries?

Q2: Is this your first Q4 managing advertising on Meta or TikTok? If not your first, for how long have you been advertising on one or the other or both?

Q3 Do you have anything specific or special planned for Q4 on Meta or TikTok? @courtfalexander - What should brands be doing?

Q4 What is your biggest concern or challenge regarding Meta and/or TikTok advertising heading into Q4 this year? Is it different from last year (if you advertised on these platforms then)?

Q5 Do you have any favourite resources or follows that help you keep up with the latest in Meta and/or TikTok advertising?

Q6 What other questions do you have, in general and/or for Courtney about Meta or TikTok advertising?

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

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