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Managing Expectations in This New Age of PPC | EP209 PPCChat Roundup

In today's episode, we have Julie leading us in another fantastic topic. And I was so excited that I was able to join live and the topic was setting and managing expectations in this new age of PPC in this new age of automation and data privacy and things being deprecated, keyword totally changing and lots of things changing by the minute, month, week and year. You always need to be on top of that.

So those conversations that we have with our clients, are you really giving them the truth of what they should expect, what they should not really build all their hopes on and how to make sure that they're ready for any new change and even more change that will come even after one has just been announced.

We talk all about that and how we approach these conversations with clients and, the top things especially, we wish clients knew about Paid Search, which was my favorite. All of it was my favorite. This was like fantastic chat, but especially that last question! So many great answers given.

Listen to the full episode of expert thoughts of setting and managing expectations in the new age of PPC:

Questions covered:

Q1 How important do you think expectation setting is for clients/stakeholders when it comes to PPC?

Q2 Do you actively set expectations for your clients and/or stakeholders when it comes to PPC initiatives? If not, why not? If so, how and when do you do it?

Q3 Do you have any kind of standard language you use (either written or in conversation) when setting client/stakeholder expectations or do you do it specifically to each situation where it is needed?

Q4 Has your expectation setting language or process changed with the rise of automation and/or the loss of data from things like iOS 14.5? If so, how has it changed?

Q5 What is your biggest frustration/what do you wish clients/stakeholders understood better when it comes to today’s PPC?

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