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Making The PPC Industry Better in 2023 | PPCChat Roundup EP241

This week we are chatting about making the PPC industry better in 2023. And we are led again by the amazing Julie. I usually say that the topic we talk about is timely but there will never be an untimely time to talk about making the PPC industry better.

You know how we're feeling about it, what we feel that should be changing and how it should be evolving and you know, what actually makes our jobs better. So we talk all about that and it was another like packed one as well with even people that had not shown up to the chat for a while rejoining.

So hope you enjoy our thoughts about talking about how we can all help to make the industry better.

Q1 If you had to describe the “state of the PPC industry” in 2023, how would you describe it?

Q2 What is something that you think is really positive about the PPC industry and/or the work that we do?

Q3 What is something that you think is negative or worrisome about the PPC industry and/or the work that we do?

Q4 What kind of change would you like to see happen in the PPC industry in 2023?

For any feedback about the podcast, or maybe you want to give a correction about anything that has been shared to get in touch with me on Twitter, my DMS are open on the handle, @themarketinganu, or on LinkedIn.

Join us on our #PPCChat Roundup podcast, LinkedIn group, we would love to have you there. Send a request - the more, the merrier.

Please help grow the podcast - leave a review/rating on Spotify, Apple, Facebook and more - here. Next month PPC Live UK (PLU) will be celebrating Women's History Month!!🥳🥳

No brainer for me as I proudly note on my LinkedIn profile that "I want to see women win"!

So join us on the 30th of March, cheering on our fab female speakers - Agnes Bungsy, Ito Giwa-Osagie and Raluca Radu!

It's going to be another lit PPC party, and this time we'll be serving some delicious food other than pizza sourced from some fabulous women.

To avoid any confusion - men and women are most welcome to this fabulous event!!

If you want to sponsor, my DMs are open; otherwise, go get your early bird ticket for our next PPC Live UK (PLU)! 🥳


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