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Keeping Costs Under Control in Today’s Increasingly Automated PPC World | PPCChat Roundup EP267

Listen here to our experts discussing how we are keeping costs down in today's automated PPC world:

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on a topic about costs because we have been seeing, over the past few months and year, costs going up. So we're talking about keeping costs under control in today's increased automated PPC world.

Platform melt down

I think it's been something that we talked about before, but in this one, we are talking about those CPC spiking and what we can really do to keep control over it. There was a lady in the GoogleAds channel of the PPC chat Group specifically called Holly Robowski, who talked about how she's seen CPCs increased from two times to five times in the past one to two weeks.

So we talk about how to help those CPCs coming down, how to prevent it, and what kind of channels that we're seeing it happen in.

Questions covered:

Q1 Have you seen an increase in PPC costs in the last 12 months? If so, by how much? On which platform(s)? And in what industries?

Q2 If you have seen cost increases, are they limited to any specific campaign type or platform?

Q3 If you have seen cost increases, have you been able to determine the reason for the cost jumps?

Q4 If you have seen cost increases, have you been able to do anything to bring costs back down to previous levels?

Q5 How are you explaining cost increases to clients or stakeholders? And are they concerned about this issue?

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