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How to Talk PPC with Non-PPC People | EP223 PPCChat Roundup

In today's episode, we have Julie taking us on a great talk about how to talk PPC with non-PPC people. I will definitely need some tips on this. In my family we have a doctor, well two doctors - my dad and my brother are doctors. My sister works in marketing, but not quite digital marketing at all. More the outdoor marketing and teaching side of that kind of marketing and I'd say media comms really and me other sister is a lawyer and my mom is an accountant, a retired accountant.

A lot of people who are not PPC people at all so I'm very intrigued to see what the answers were today because unfortunately I missed it. So it's really great to see how we talk to clients, especially those who are not the marketing managers and are just generally non PPC people, because even people who are in marketing who do not know about PPC, there can be lots of stuff that just go right over their head.

Amazing kudos on the person who suggested having this kind of talk about breaking things down in a proper way to non-PPC people.

Listen to the experts give their tips on the best way to talk PPC to non-PPC people.

Questions covered:

Q1 Do you regularly need to talk PPC with non-PPC people? If so, who are you most regularly talking to?

Q2: Have you found particular language or techniques to explain PPC to non-PPC people in ways they can actually understand it?

Q3 What aspects of PPC do you find are most often misunderstood by non-PPC people? How do you try to combat the misunderstandings?

Q4 Do you have resources that you like to point to non-PPC people to help them better understand PPC? Have you created any yourself? If so, on what topics?

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