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Google's Search On 22 Event & What It Means for PPC | EP225

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode we have Julie taking us one of those topics based on a chat webinar that happened by Google last week so this week we are gonna be talking about Google's Search On 2022 event and what it means for PPC. Ginny, who's the ad liaison of Google, tried to get me to join a round table with, I'm sure some other amazing experts, but it was the day before my PPC Live UK event, which happened on the 29th of September, which went amazingly, blow my mind, successfully well

So I'm glad that I saved up my energy to be able to receive all that esepcially all the amazing audience members, over a hundred of them, last week. So that was a really nice, but that meant unfortunately I couldn't make any of the real chats.

I did start listening to the, Google search on 22 announcements and it was interesting to hear a lot of things about retail and image search. Image searches was featured a lot, which is the one I found very interesting. But anyway, we are gonna talk about that, our thoughts about it, what we took out of it, what we are nervous about, what we are excited for.

Listent ot he experts thoughts on Google's Search On 22 Event:

Questions covered:

Q1 What was your overall impression of or reaction to the things that were announced or discussed (some were features that had been announced previously such as Multisearch)?

Q2: There was a huge emphasis on images and their role in search. What are your thoughts on this? Are there challenges for the brand(s) you’re working with that you expect to face for a more image-focused search experience?

Q3 The Google Search On 22 event was very retail and shopping centric in the features & functionalities that were highlighted. What are your thoughts and reactions to this?

Q4 In addition to being shopping focused, it seems like many of the announced functionalities are also heavily for mobile. What are your thoughts on this?

Q5 Business Messages was also discussed - where searchers can initiate a text chat right from an ad. What are your thoughts on this feature? Read Google’s resource on Business Messages here:

Q6 Is there something that you were hoping would be talked about that was not discussed at Search On 22?

Awesome Links shared:

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