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Google Pausing Low Activity Keywords | PPCChat Roundup EP288

Listen here to the discussion how to maximise the post click experience:

In today's episode, we have Julie Bacchini being joined by another great in our industry, Navah Hopkins of Optmyzr, and they are going to be talking about an update that Google announced last month. An update that they shared is going to be implemented this month, and it's Google pausing low activity keywords..

Maximising Post Click Experience

If you have low activity keywords in your accounts, Google is going to be helping you "optimize"(cause do you count that as optimizing where they're going to be just pausing your low activity keywords), those kind of keywords that have low impression share as the tag for a long period of time (13months).

We discuss how we feel about that update, whether it's something that we're happy or displeased with. Do we have many kind of keywords that fit that criteria...and more.

Thoughts on Google doing this and taking control of this.

Questions covered: Q1: Have you heard and/or read about Google automatically pausing “low activity keywords”?

Q2: Do you have any or many keywords in your accounts that meet this criteria? If so, do you have a lot or not that many?

Q3: What are your thoughts on Google automatically pausing these types of keywords?

Q4. Do you plan to re-enable paused keywords? Why or why not?

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