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Google Marketing Live with Ginny Marvin | EP207 PPCChat Roundup

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Welcome to this week's episode of the PPCChat Roundup. This week we went back to our usual format of July Bacchini presenting us with several very interesting questions on a topic. And we continue on the topic of Google Marketing live, this time joined by Google Ads' Liaison - Ginny Marvin.

Now if you don't remember last week Tuesday during our 5:00 PM UK time and 12:00 PM Eastern time chat we shared our reactions about Google marketing live while it was happening live at that exact time.

It wasn't the usual sessions of Julie's question and answers. We just shared our very interesting reactions about updates that were announced And, this week we're continuing on that, but it's a special one because we've got Ginny Marvin which is as good as Google listening to our reactions. I'll try not to repeat myself regarding some of the reactions I did already share last week - there definitely were very new things shared - especially about GA4. There were also some questions that were asked to Ginny herself so that posed a very new dimension as well.

Listen to the full episode of our reactions and queries to Ginny Marvin about Google Marketing Live 2022.

Questions covered were:

Q1 Let’s start off by sharing our overall reactions to this year’s Google Marketing Live event. How are you feeling/what are you thinking one week later?

Q2 What was the thing that was announced or talked about that you found most interesting? Why is it interesting to you?

Q3 Is there anything you thought for sure would be discussed and/or announced at this year’s Google Marketing Live that was not?

Questions for Ginny:

The on device conversions - HOW will this actually work? The presentation had no detail only “it works”?

Updates shared by Ginny:

Can you give some more detail on how the new version of responsive ads will work with pulling information from your web site? How will this work vs. DSA? Can you specify which pages should be used for new RSA crawling feature?

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