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Google Marketing Live | EP206 PPCChat Roundup

Welcome to this week's episode of the PPCChat Roundup. Today's episode was a unique one. We didn't quite have the usual discussion where Julie asks some questions and we give expert answers. There was the Google marketing live. It was a conference that happened live on Google as in, there were people there.

I saw pictures of Christi Olson of Microsoft and Kirk Williams (aka PPCKirk) and Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr) and several other people. So they were actually out there, but there was also lots of chats on Twitter, and I joined them. I joined the chat as we discussed the updates that were announced and shared the ones that we most interesting to me.

My favourite highights were:

- Automation made a huge appearance

- Google multi search

- All about creative and video/YouTube shorts (very little talk about keywords which I find very telling)

- More Performance Max updates are coming. My favourites - you will be allowed to do experiments, it will be part of the auto recomendations list, new insights and explanations, PMax in Search Ads 360 & Google Ads Mobile App for management. Get Gregg Finn's full list of updates here.

- Privacy, Privacy, Privacy - the reason Google is going to keep giving to keep hiding data from us.

- So many retail success stories shared. Where was the B2B or small business representation?

Listen to the full episode of our reactions to Google Marketing live here:

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