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Google Automation vs Human Automation | PPCChat Roundup EP265

Listen here to our experts discussing Google automation vs human automation and why we should still get involved:

In today's episode, we have Julie alongside another co-host Navah Hopkins leading us in our topic today, where we will be talking about Google automation versus human automation - Why we still need to be involved. And yeah, I think that's a very important topic today.

Platform melt down

I think it would be very nice to even mention Navah's comment earlier on today, where she said that - "while this topic has a versus in the title, the point of the discussion is to be productive and give ideas for action as opposed to be hyper negative at Google".

So it's about what ways to test what Google is asking us to do, ways to test automation and not to actually feel that, everything is all bad or everything is all good. It's all about discussion and seeing that, where we actually give those answers of, it depends what does it depend on?

Questions covered:

Q1 What does Human Automation vs Ad Network Automation mean to you? Do you distinguish between them?

Q2 What are some areas where Ad Network Automation wins and it’s reasonable to trust? Where do you only trust human automation (and why)?

Q3 Are you currently feeding conversion values into ad networks? Why or why not? And what method(s) are you using to send conversion data to ad networks?

Q4 Which type of bidding are you using? If Smart, which variant and why? If manual, are you layering in third party scripts/rules?

Q5 Have you tested broad match in Google Ads in the last 12 months? What were the results of those tests? Were you surprised by the results - why or why not? If you have not tested broad match in Google Ads lately, what is keeping you from testing it?

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