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GML Q&A with Ginny Marvin | PPCChat Roundup EP255

In today's episode, we have the lovely Julie Bacchini taking us on a great topic - GML Q&A with Ginny Marvin. If you are in the Paid Search industry and you weren't hiding under a rock on the 23rd of May - you would have heard that Google came out with their latest update on Google Marketing Live.

Platform melt down

Unsurprisingly it was all about AI, Performance Max, AI, New features for Ecommerve and did we mention AI? haha. We definitetly had thoughts.

Listen here to our experts reactions to Google Marketing Live and the questions we had for Ginny Marvin:

Q1 What was the most important or exciting thing announced at Google Marketing Live (GML) last week in your opinion?

Q2 What was the most concerning or disappointing thing announced at Google Marketing Live (GML) last week in your opinion?

Q3 We have had a bunch of questions submitted for Ginny already, but what are your burning questions after GML last week?

Q3.1 What is an "agile budget"? It was talked about as if we already should know what that is and I'd not heard of it prior to GML.

Q3.2 Where can we see details about "privacy" as it specifically relates to masked search queries? At times, it feels like they slip away unannounced. We advertisers understand (+ have to accept) it conceptually. Pointing to [HERE] for customers would help.

Q3.3. Can you point to more info on "our standards on data privacy"? From the support doc: "Some search terms that don’t have enough query activity are omitted from the search terms report in order to keep with our standards on data privacy."

Q3.4 Once Google auto pulls SKU data into GMC Next, are we still able to modify/change data via supplemental feeds, rules and other tools?

Q3.5 If my competitors and I are all using generative AI to create our creatives, how does Google ensure we won’t get similar copies?

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