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Ginny Marvin Q&A | PPCChat Roundup EP274

Listen here to the Q&A session we had with Ginny Marvin :

In today's episode, we have Julie being joined by a fantastic name in our industry, someone who's always amazingly helpful and is quite key in our our Google ads practice journey and that's Ginny Marvin.

Platform melt down

Ginny joins Julie today to answer our questions, our Google ads questions especially, as well as asking about our hopes and wishes for updates next year and anything that's in the pipeworks.

We also asked in terms of technical and support issues. That was an interesting chat that we definitely had this week.

Questions covered: Q1 from Fraser Andrews: Are there any more insights as to extra brand safety controls for Pmax on the horizon?

Q2 from MarkBPPC on Twitter: I have no words to describe how bad Google Ads support is. Are there any plans to improve it ... or is support being completely phased out altogether? To what extent has Bard/Google AI taken over support?

Q3 from Boggs on Discord: Google seems to be pushing Maximize Conversion Value and tROAS.

I’d love to utilize this, but in Lead Gen it’s not always practical to assign a value to the conversion action - especially when something like a form fill or phone call can lead to services worth anywhere from $20-several thousand dollars.

I think it would be much more practical to set values at the ad group or campaign level. Does Google have any plans to change how conversion values can be assigned? If not, can you recommend a workaround?

Q4 from Anthony Higman on Twitter Was this some kind of test -⁠⁠?

If not, what was it, and how can advertisers know if this is happening in their accounts? And stop it from happening?

Q5 from ⁠@Peter Bowen⁠: There seems to be a lot more disapproval of ads happening in the last 6 months. Has there been a change internally at Google Ads that would explain this? And how can advertisers get incorrect disapprovals fixed in a timely manner?

Q6 from Darius Chiosa on LinkedIn: Are they going to slowly get rid of different campaign types until the only option available left will be AI-driven campaigns like Pmax?

Q7 from Nate Louis on Twitter: Many people are seeing instances of overspending on a campaign by as much as double the daily budget.

Aside from us using scripts/APIs or manually pausing an ad group/campaign, is there a setting within Google Ads that will keep Google from overspending the daily campaign budget?

Q8 Why are competitors' names matching so much more frequently to both brand and non-brand terms in the last 6-12 months?

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