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Getting KPIs Right | PPCChat Roundup EP291

Updated: Jul 4

Listen here to the discussion how bidding on brand should work:

In today's episode we have Julie leading us on another great foundational topic - talking about KPIs or also Key Performance Index.

Maximising Post Click Experience

We discuss our favourite and lease favourite KPIs and the ones that clients love to get talking about.

Questions covered: Q1 What are the KPIs that you are most often asked to track?

Q2 What are the KPIs that you are most often asked to optimize toward?

Q3 What KPI(s) do you think are the most important to track and/or optimize toward and why?

Q4 What KPI do you think is the most misunderstood by either PPCers and/or clients/stakeholders? Why do you think it is misunderstood?

Q5 What KPI would you like to see go away forever, never to be spoken of again and why?


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