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GA4 - Figuring it out or Finding an alternative | PPCChat Roundup EP244

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In today's episode, we have the awesome Julie Bacchini taking us on the helm of a fantastic topic right now and we couldn't be talking enough about it. It's Google Analytics four, so GA4, figuring it out or find an alternative. So I saw it on, search Engine Land.

If you go on Search Engine Land's homepage, there is a countdown they've got going on. We have less than 100 days till it's our only Analytics solution. So we've got that amount of time to talk about it, figure it out, learn big query, and just realize how to properly use it.

I remember that there was a time where saying that you'd need to have made sure you started migrating to the GA4 way of doing things like a year before, so that you can have a year's worth of data and being able to do year on year analysis when the UA sunsetted.

But from the sounds of things, and how complicated the community is finding it and the frustrations people are talking about. It sounds like that that one year mark has gone by with a lot of people still being frustrated and not, quite grasping it properly. So we talk about that. We talk about the frustrations we are having, what we are using, what alternatives we are possibly thinking of. Hope you enjoy.

Questions covered:

Q1 Is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) running on the site(s) that you work with? If not, why not? And was it difficult to get it deployed and collect the data?

Q2 Are you working in GA4 for your analytics needs and reporting? If so, how is it going? If not, why not?

Q3 Have you found a third-party tool or service that helps you use GA4 more effectively?

Q4 Are you looking at alternative analytics tools? If so, which ones have you checked out? Thoughts?

Q5 What is on your GA4 wishlist before it is the only Google Analytics running (the date for this is currently July 2023).

Q6 Have you found any resources that have helped you in your quest to actually use GA4?

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